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$9.95 per user / per month

Looking to make your team more efficient? Simplify your expense workflow today.

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Questions about Pricing?

  • How does the free trial work?

    Getting started is easy — create a Fetch team and add users, no credit card required. You get unlimited access to Fetch’s powerfully simple expense management and payment tools. After 14 days, we’ll tally up your users and multiply them by $9.95 to calculate your monthly total.

  • What’s a team, anyway?

    A team is how we describe Fetch users who submit expenses with the mobile apps and Fetch admins who approve and pay them in the web dashboard. Our customizable approval flows fit your organization’s needs, not the other way around.

  • What’s the difference between solo and team plans? Can I upgrade?

    Fetch works best with teams. Our mobile app and admin dashboard work together to take the headache out of capturing, approving and paying out-of-pocket expenses. Solo users reap all the benefits of Fetch’s mobile capture and email forwarding, along with automatically generated reports. Solo users can’t, however, be reimbursed through Fetch. You can upgrade from a solo plan to a team plan at anytime.

  • What do I do if the number of users changes?

    You can add or subtract users anytime, and we’ll take care of adjusting your monthly bill. Admins are always free with Fetch.

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