Fetch is about you.

What is Fetch?

Fetch was built out of our customers’ need to focus on their most important work. Our first step is acknowledging that expense reports aren’t that.

Fancy, enterprise-level expense reporting solutions carry the price tag to go with their bells and whistles. These robust expense report companies are simply too expensive or too complicated for the needs of growing businesses.

Fetch is different because we designed our system to be expense management in its simplest form. This means no expense reports, just an efficient path to logging and remitting out of pocket costs.

As soon as an expense is submitted, it’s sent for approval and payment. Expenses can be submitted from our mobile app or via email. Approvers can download cleanly designed excel or PDF reports of all approved and paid expenses.

Fetch is like your savvy coworker who helps you get your work done faster and more efficiently without being too chatty. We won’t bombard you with marketing emails or “we miss you” push notifications, only the information you need to take the headache out of your expense management.

At Fetch we believe in







Fetch & Shoeboxed

Fetch is built and managed by the team at Shoeboxed, the pioneer of paper and digital receipt management. Shoeboxed assists over one million users across the globe with digitizing their receipts into a secure, searchable online database.

In 2016, Shoeboxed took the leap to develop Fetch as a stand-alone expense management solution to complement their core document archiving service.

"Shoeboxed is the best tool available for small businesses needing to track receipts for tax deductions and IRS protection. It was never the right fit for teams needing to handle employee reimbursements though. After turning away potential customers, knowing Shoeboxed wasn’t what they were looking for, we knew what we needed to create."

We have a chance to help teams reorient themselves to their core mission when we eliminate the desperation that makes them resort to spreadsheet templates and staplers to handle their expenses.

We’ve built a product that eliminates headaches baked into expense reports to refocus teams on their actual work.

Taylor Mingos
Founder and CEO

A Smarter Way to Get Reimbursed