Fetch is about you.

Fetch was built out of our passion to help small businesses focus on their most important work. Our first step is acknowledging that expense reports aren’t that.

Fetch makes it easy for growing small businesses, especially those with remote employees and salespeople, to introduce automated, paperless expense management. Technology has advanced, why shouldn’t your expense reporting system come along for the ride?

While there are many expense management tools out there, we discovered that they almost all focused on enterprise-level customers. These robust expense report companies are simply too expensive or too complicated for the needs of growing businesses. We also heard that they were too complicated and clunky even for the big companies!

Fetch is different because we designed our system for you - to be expense management in its simplest form. That means it’s simple to use, simple to get your team enrolled and it means no actual expense reports, just an efficient path to logging and handling out of pocket costs.

As soon as an expense is submitted, it’s sent for approval and payment. Expenses can be captured and submitted from our award winning mobile app or by forwarding an email receipt to receipts@fetchmoney.com. Fetch Admins can approve and pay expenses from our simple dashboard and can run cleanly designed excel or PDF reports of all approved and paid expenses with one click.

Fetch is like your savvy coworker who helps you get your work done faster and more efficiently without being too chatty. We won’t bombard you with marketing emails or “we miss you” push notifications, only the information you need to take the headache out of your expense management. But we are also only a call or email away and, like that great team member, are always eager to help!

Fetch & Shoeboxed

Fetch is built and managed by the team at Shoeboxed, the pioneer of paper and digital receipt management. Since its launch in 2007, Shoeboxed has been saving small business owners time and money by turning piles of paper receipts into organized digital data. With over 1,000,000 accounts in 100 countries, Shoeboxed is the world’s premier solution for staying organized year-round without any of the headache that goes with it. Shoeboxed is based in Durham, NC

With Shoeboxed serving the small business owner, our next goal was to bring our receipt and expense technology to small business teams. In 2017, Shoeboxed launched Fetch as a simple, affordable stand-alone service with the goal of making it easy for small businesses to save time and reduce complexity by introducing automated, paperless expense management software.

With Fetch, we’ve built a product that eliminates the time and hassle baked into expense reports to refocus teams on their actual work.

See how easy it is.

Automated, paperless expense management.